Special Order

We bake all our gourmet cookies in small batches, so flavors often sell out daily.  Email or call us to place your order and reserve a box!  Croissants are special order only.



Preorder different cookie flavors as part of a dozen or on their own!

Email/Call 24 hours in advance for cookies.


Blackberry Lemon Croissants

Blackberry Lemon Croissants stuffed with blackberry jam lemonade cream and Hubert's blackberry lemonade icing. As featured on Foodbeast!

Email/Call 48 hours in advance for croissants.


Ube Croissants

Ube Croissants stuffed with ube cream and hand dipped in ube chocolate. One of Gigi's signature pastries!

Email/Call 48 hours in advance for croissants.